Making the Shift

If there's one thing I know, it's that my free spirit is always calling. I'm sure yours is too. The problem is most of us aren't listening. We're too deep in brain overload and repetitive thinking to hear our intuitive spirits. But now...

It's time to empty your mind so you can open your heart into the full power of living a more blissful and balanced life. With the abundantly creative power each of us carries within.

colorful arrows swirling from head

This challenge is for you if...

  • You want to learn about your heart chakra

  • You're stuck in your head, always overthinking

  • You're overwhelmed when it comes to decision-making

  • You've lost touch with your heart

  • You want to kindle your creativity

  • You want to meditate, but think you can't

  • You want to balance your heart chakra

Ready to free yourself from overwhelm, overthinking, overdoing?

With the state of the world today, we all need a break from the mind chatter, fear-mongering media and accumulated stressors of life. Freeing the power of your heart is a quick way to get there.

The heart chakra is just one of your body's energy centers. Each has its own unique qualities that when balanced, helps you live a healthier, more fulfilling life—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When the chakras are blocked or imbalanced it leads to dysfunction in those areas. An imbalanced heart chakra often shows up as depression, feeling disconnected, abnormal grief, lack of self-love, trust or hope.

In this course, you'll activate the heart chakra and your own inner spark through JOURNALING, MEDITATION and easy ART PLAY. Awakening YOUR power to live and love bigger, better and more whole heARTedly.

You'll FEEL the difference. And you'll be able to use these simple practices to get out of your head and reclaim your heart whenever you feel the need.

woman meditating on heart chakra with stars
Journaling practices

Find balance with a checklist revealing the state of your heart chakra and nurturing it through a nightly journaling exercise.

heart-wave of meditation flow
Meditation Flow

Get out of your head and follow your heart with a meditation that builds heart-brain coherence and emotional resilience for times of stress.

intuitive art play of painted face
Intuitive Art Play

Free yourself to play like a child with a spontaneous and easy art-making exercise, using whatever materials you have handy.

In this mini-course challenge, you will:

    Find out if your heart chakra is in or out of harmony

    Through a short & sweet heart-centered meditation

    By journaling into self-love & holistic connection

    With playful art making feeling from both sides of your brain, witnessing your heart's intuitive power

    To begin unlocking your inner alchemy, so you can follow your heart to so much more


What if I'm not an artist?
Doesn't matter! This course includes a playful art experience that anyone (novice to pro) can enjoy.

Are any special supplies needed?
Nope. Just paper and whatever's handy—from paints to pens, markers to crayons or anything else.

What if I can't meditate?
Everyone can, but we ALL think we can't at first. You'll enjoy a simple 10-minute practice that's full of good feels.

What the heck is a chakra & why should I care?
Don't worry, you'll learn some basics and why they're so important. Especially the heart chakra!

Will this stop my overthinking, or heal my anxiety?
You'll get some FREE tools of transformation that with practice, help set your heart and mind at ease.

Is there a grade or prize for completing this challenge?
A grade...ummm, no. You get a free pass. But a prize? Yes! A more free, open and peaceful heART. Plus some well-deserved time (and new habits!) for your so-worthy self.

Michelle painting What if Love abstract

What are students saying?

" amazing journey. I loved every minute. I learned a ton about myself and my personal growth journey."

— Christine C., Allentown, PA

"Absolutely comfortable, so perfect evening. I see how this calms and centers me, from a lot of undealt with pain and anger. Putting words and physicality to emotion was surprising!"

— Shana R., Weatherly, PA

"I loved this class. Feeling a sense of peace. It is so helpful for spiritual connection. I would recommend this to anyone seeking connection."

— Erin K., Lake Wallenpaupack, PA


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