Entering a new phase in life?

Looking for your purpose?
Reaching for your dreams?

Challenges in the way?


When you need a catalyst & a coach to help you...

Find yourself, your value & self-love.

Explore your potential & find purpose.

Discover & expand your personal power.

Adopt new habits & patterns for personal growth.

Heal from grief, trauma or loss...& feel vibrantly alive again.

Recover & reignite your life after divorce, betrayal or self-abandonment.

Embrace a healthier, more holistic & positive lifestyle.

Rekindle your creative soul.

Unleash your free spirit.

Play, love & laugh again.

Rewild from the inside out.

When you feel lost. Know that here you are found, SEEN, held & supported. Worthy & rich with potential to live your best life.

Together we'll nurture that spark life has dimmed & fan your flame into brilliance. Unleashing those diamonds you hold within.

Make your Obstacle your Stepping Stone


It sure feels like one, but in fact it's a redirection pointing to authenticity and often, higher purpose. Confusion or change can be painful at first, but they also offer a huge opportunity. Your change-point in life! Finally time to make yourself the priority and reclaim your true, highest self.

Rather than being crushed, CHOOSE to be the creative egg cracking open to a more inspired life.

You can do anything, as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support.

— Sabrina Bryan

Making yourSELF a Priority

You'll access the vision & wisdom you've been pushing aside. We'll make NOW the right time.

COMMITTING to New Habits

You'll pull weeds, plant seeds & create a new inner garden. We'll GROW what's right for you.

Turning Potential into POWER

You'll follow your intuition that's been waiting to take wing. We'll make it FLY.

What will you experience?

Jamie Bowman
Bethlehem, PA

This is my second experience. Being able to visualize the feelings inside helps me understand myself better so I can lean into my feelings and clearly see what is abundant and what areas show scarcity. Who knew that in one year this process would completely change my life 🥰 Thank you Michelle Lee for all you do ❤️️

Denise Bruzgulis-Steward
White Haven, PA

It was beautiful and calming. All of it. Being together and being able to find solitude. Complete relaxation and focus at the same time. I feel you are incredibly gifted and meant to help others find themselves. Thank you for letting me be part of this beautiful ceremony.

Cari S.
Mountain Top, PA

It was incredible. The fact that for this short time I was just able to be present and not think about anything else. I now know how much I should be meditating and would like to start practicing. It has given me more peace. I want to know more of how to truly open up.

Pricing & Process

Packages are customized to suit your goals, depending on the package your choose. Either way you get the individual guidance that's right for you.

1-Hour Witnessing ($177)
Get targeted guidance on a class project or exercise.

For example, in the Radiant HeART Rising course:

Objective witnessing of your chakra mandala artwork, for further insights on what I see from spirit, or extended support on any blocks you experience.

This session is to be used within 60 days of sign-up.

7-Pack Transformation ($1,111)
When you're looking to up your game entirely during times of change—by reclaiming your true self!

You want someone who has your back, holding you accountable and leading you heart-first into transformation. Agreed-upon milestones keep you on the path.

You can choose to focus on a specific issue or use my 711 process, working through each of the 7 chakras to empower and ignite the inner fires to activate your break-through.

This is a 6-month program designed to move you forward!

To book your Coaching Session or schedule a FREE 15-minute consult:

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  3. Schedule your first session

To get started...

Fill out this form to help guide your coaching experience. Let me know what's driving you to create change in your life, or where you most need support. Then pick your package and we'll get this ball rolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointments?

Upon purchasing your package, you'll get instructions on how to schedule your first and upcoming sessions.

How often are my sessions scheduled?

It's entirely up to you. I recommend weekly or bi-weekly to maintain motivation and momentum, but monthly or more is fine if needed.

What are the milestones like?

It takes more than talking to meet your goals. During each session, tasks are set to build new habits and kick old patterns to the curb. Milestones help us track your progress into the next session.

What if I need more sessions?

If you're ever in need of coaching on new issues, or for a longer time period, simply purchase another package.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for my coaching service, as you've been drawn here by your intuitive guidance. It's important that you show up for yourself! By signing up, you make a commitment straight from the heart—in alignment with your highest self. You can always reschedule initial or ongoing sessions if something gets in the way of your progress. The time span for each coaching package is designed to maintain your commitment to self, but if an exception is needed just reach out.

Michelle Lee photo and certification logos

Life is a canvas of co-creation. My palette of certified expertise and time-tested tools support your transformation.


Ignoring the status quo, I've let intuition, action & perseverance pave my way to success:

I've been a creative business owner for 25+ years

I'm an award-winning Pantone-published graphic designer, writer & creative director

I'm a Teaching Artist for ArtsQuest Banana Factory Arts Center (Bethlehem, PA, U.S.)

I was the first Licensed YogART Facilitator on the East Coast

I'm a Certified Tantra Yoga Teacher (Hatha Kundalini) & Tantric Ritual Facilitator (RYT200 YogaAlliance)

I am an AFAA-Certified Group Fitness Instructor

I've exhibited in art galleries & at the world-famous MusikFest as Demo Artist

I am the creator of WickeDraw sensual open drawing sessions

I'm a Wizard Academy Alumni (a right-brained, non-traditional, no-bs business school)


Against all odds, I've found my passion & PURPOSE in the pain—activating the gifts within:

In the trauma of abuse, I found deep integrity

In unbearable grief, I found awe for life's preciousness

In natural disaster & loss, I found incredible strength

In almost dying, I found abundant gratitude

In sexual abuse, I found self-love

In unbearable betrayal, I found divine compassion

In PTSD & insomnia, I found emotional resilience

In deteriorating health, I found holistic practices to heal

Through it all, I found myself. My power.

Ready to begin? Let's go!

Fill this out to help guide your coaching experience. Let me know what's driving you to create change in your life, or where you most need support. Then pick your package and we'll get to it...