What is the HeARTwoken Way?

The world is going through a massive shift, and if you're intuitive like me, if you can sense the crazy energy on this Earth right now...wow, you FEEL it!

We're moving from a purely linear-based, data driven, logical, competitive society, into one balanced by creativity, intuition and heart-focused collaboration with nature.

It's all about CONNECTION. Sensual SOUL Connections.

We can't fully connect to our full potential, or each other, unless we're deeply connected to our highest selves. Our souls. Our truth. Essence. Free spirit. Most of us lose touch with that as we grow up.

We're all craving a way back. Back to a full heart, and back to free. How about you?

The magic you're looking for, it's inside...waiting to reconnect. To healing. Love. Creativity. Flow. Radiance, and ahh, so much.

If you've been feeling alone, stuck, blocked or heartbroken, I've been there too. Now I'm here to help you past that, illuminating a HeARTwoken Way to your OWN unique gifts and inner wisdom.

Are you ready to FREE your infinite self and shine your life like fire? 🔥

Here you'll find a wild mix of practices that helped me not just overcome pain, but transform it into purpose and passion.

Right now. It's your time. To explore a creative journey into BIG change, back to your own power. A soulistic palette for your own personal growth and transformation. straight from that mystical prism—within you.


Your Alchemy Waits Within

Ready for you to awaken, rebirth and embrace. Find out how I mix art medicine, yoga, meditation, tantra and other mind, body, spirit practices to kindle YOUR magic, your life's transformation.

"It was excellent! I feel I was in great hands with Michelle's knowledge and intent. I got much more out of the session than I had expected. Highly recommend!"

- Kim M., Bethlehem, PA

"...It was a relaxing and restorative class. I enjoyed the breath work, the guided meditation session, and the journaling. My favorite part of the class was being able to be creative and think deeply about my chakras. Enjoyed the life size body outline and being able to be as creative as possible. I have the art piece hanging on my wall - it is fun to consider the different chakras and what they may mean to me. Highly recommend this class - a relaxing, introspective, creative journey. Thank you, Michelle!"

- Kate S., Easton, PA

"Great session, very helpful - helped break out of my grief. Feeling positive, moving forward from fear into confidence."

- Peggy M., Harrisburg, PA

Michelle igniting third eye chakra in student meditation
Michelle Lee painting an abstract

Hi, I’m Michelle Lee &
this is my why...

There was a time when I felt broken, hopeless and alone. I had lost my love. My identity and purpose. I spent years on self-healing, digging into both traditional techniques and holistic modalities. Combining these, I not only found myself again, I found my power. And a passionate purpose in helping others find their own—through the power of co-creation.

A heARTist, healer and catalyst for change, I lead you to your own inner discoveries, expressing and empowering from the inside out. A mystical meld of art and mind, body, spirit practices connecting back to your free spirit, your dreams and deep peace within. So you can hold space for yourself with a self-love that conquers all.

The first Licensed YogART® Workshop Facilitator on the East Coast of the U.S., I’m also a Certified Tantra Yoga Teacher and Tantric Ritual Facilitator, AFAA-Certified Group Fitness Instructor, creator of WickeDraw sensual open drawing sessions and Teaching Artist for the Banana Factory Arts Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

From the heart of my inner journey, I help guide you into yours. So you can find the answers right for you, and reclaim the flame you were born with. đź’–